Bringing Food Intelligence To The Table

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Our Vision

Food intelligence is not simply learning how the product moves through the supply chain for safe and healthy food; but to learn about the people behind the product. It tells the stories of the hard working people that impact our food chain – from an organic farmer in California, to a grass feed beef rancher in Nebraska or a captain of a fishing vessel off the coast of Maine. Our endeavor is to humanize the food industry with verifiable food intelligence.

About Us

IFoodIQ is a division of Food Marketing Solutions, the same company that has implemented food branding and marketing strategies for the food industry for over 20 years. Food Marketing Solutions’ current technology staff along with contracted technology experts has established a proven and informative food traceability platform.


Why iFoodIQ?

Consumers recognize the importance of transparent food information. By using iFoodIQ one has the means for traceability but also has the capacity to view the story behind the product – the individual labor and energy that goes into each product selection.

At iFoodIQ, we know the importance of food traceability; but also have the insight of utilizing that traceability to inform the consumer of the individuals behind the product and all details with regard to that product.

Consumers want to consider the source when forming their options of food purchases. iFoodIQ enables the restaurant operators and retailers the ability to do just that.

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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."


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Food Traceability is only beginning to prove it’s worth. Find out how iFoodIQ can help you as amanufacturer communicate trust and reliabilty to your buyers.